Friday, 21 September 2007


Amazing how a few results can change so much isn’t it ? Drawing at home to Scunthorpe and getting done away at Stoke doesn’t seem so bad now. We can put that down to blooding a new team . Yeah that’s a good enough excuse . We were blooding a new team .
But now we’re starting to look decent . Todorov in the 44th was nice for a start even though I did miss the fucking game for an afternoon in Lakeside with the missus . Disgraceful . But so much for the promises of us getting a good kicking . No one was there for one thing . The Palace faithful filled 15’000 of their 26’000 seater stadium . You can’t blame them though can you ? I mean we’re not rivals are we ? Nah of course we’re not . Charlton are too big a club to have a rivalry with a team who counts a bunch of shirt lifters based at an athletics track as their biggest foe . The fact we beat them each time we play them seems not to matter much either . Good for them .

So 18’000 turned out to watch the game . Guess everyone else had decided to do some shopping in House of Fraser too . I mean there are some fantastic deals on interior soft furnishings to be had . You can get them in Ikea too by the way . That’s down the road from Selhurst isn’t it ?
Still you can never have enough fur rugs . Who can blame them for not wanting to go .

So we won and Todorov became the new darling of the Charlton faithful who were calling him a big cunt for the first three matches of his career with us . Does life get better than that ? Fuck yes it does ! Marcus bent goes on loan to Wigan and Amady Faye fucks off to my Rangers . Hmm . That’s about 400 and 800 miles further north respectively isn’t it ? Still the fact that the Gers go down 4-2 to Hearts the moment the Senegalese answer to footballing arsenic arrives is purely coincidental I’m sure . Since Marcus will be closer to the cast of Hollyoaks it’s decent business from start to finish for everyone . Wonderful . Well aside from Faye whose gone to the one other team aside from Napoli I give a genuine flying one for . There goes that title challenge .

The 2-2 draw at Colchester was interesting . Lisbie scored which takes his career tally to about 30 in ten years . That’s the sort of goal scoring that can get you a promoted by anyone’s estimation . I wasn’t heart broken when we released him . Dancing around the room with delight is one way of describing it . He’s not shit but he’s not a centre forward . Talented but not mentally cut out for football me thinks .
So then we have Norwich kicking off at 8pm . Too fucking late it might be but what a game ! Norwich were on the back foot for most of it but it was without a doubt one of the better games I’ve seen at the Valley in the last few years . We dominated; they were shit; Dion Dublin is still their best player and we deserved to win . No doubt . Nice to see Izale come on and cause trouble to create two penalties . Even better to see Monty Panesar refereeing . What a multi talented pro . The fact I wasn’t sat on my fucking own for once was a welcome change with the addition of 2P’s and Murph . Expert footballing knowledge and cutting edge insights . We provided none of that . But numerous chants of boo-urns and a mention to Marco Boogers cannot be knocked .

Leicester tomorrow .

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