Monday, 24 September 2007


The Good Stuff is Evil

I do my best to get to as many away games as I can. I mean it’s a bit expensive for your average skint student type to go to every away game. Nothing touches this manly frame that ain’t 100% pure silk and Hugo Boss threads cost serious dollar. Don’t start me on the exorbitant fuel costs for the limo either. Scandalous I tell thee. Scandalous.

So whilst Luton tomorrow night in the Carling Cup is merely up the road in the grand scheme of footballing away days for this Bromley Boy, fuck me if the tickets aren’t a little on the pricey side. £21.50 for a Carling Cup game on a Tuesday night means we should be taking one man and his dog to Kenilworth Road. Hey one man and his dog at Kenilworth Road. Good one liner that. But who is going to fork out that for a cup fixture that not too many fans really give a flying one for a week after Norwich on Tuesday and Leicester on Saturday. Luton might have financial problems, after all the club charge on average £22.00 for seats for their League games which seems expensive for a League One side considering Charlton were charging that for Premiership Football.

So will North Stand Addick be seen at Luton tomorrow night? Well to be honest I doubt it. I ain’t forking that out when I can go to Coventry for £1 extra and watch a game that might have some relevance on the future league status of my club. Plus I’m missing Sloth so might go and see him give his managerial David Brent impersonation on the touch line. Amazing that he was able to hold down a career as a centre forward and star in the Goonies at the same time really. No more impressive than the bloke that owns Man City starring as that evil Gestapo geezer in Raiders of the Lost Ark though. How come he was in the Gestapo anyway? Hardly an Aryan? Maybe they had an exchange programme with that lot from Tora! Tora! Tora! They were allies so that seems feasible. No less feasible than the German Army attempting to recover the Lost Ark of the Covenant from the middle of Egypt in 1936. Madness.

By the way did I mention that the Pistols are reforming for a few shows? Fucking result that! Saw them at Palace but you can never have enough of the Lydon even if he is a gooner. Now that’s worth forking out some filthy lucre on, not watching the couldn’t care less cup. Now if Faith No More reform I’ll be laughing. Never happen though.

But £21.50 for a Carling? Think I’ll stick to Cobra thanks mate!

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